The SCRUM St Andrews University 7s

Saturday, April 16th 2016 University Park
The St Andrews University 7s have teamed up with SCRUM, Scotland’s only rugby publication, to bring you some of the very best in sevens action as the season draws to a close. SCRUM for the first time will be the main sponsor for the event and are delighted to be working with the team at Saints Rugby!

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Squads for 9/3/16

1st XV vs. Loughborough (Away) 1PM

  1. Chris Cartmell
  2. Malcolm Wood-Downey
  3. Max Kaufmann
  4. Ashton Squires
  5. James Balfour
  6. Sam McGuire
  7. James Wardle
  8. George Hailstone
  9. Charlie Davies
  10. Scott Docherty
  11. Kit Betley
  12. Rob Lind
  13. Harry Jose
  14. Killian Faith-Kelly
  15. Rory Cairns
  16. Conor Stobo
  17. Alexi Kulukundis

2nd XV vs. Stirling (Away) 1PM

  1. Dugald Berezowski-Berezford
  2. Graham Cooke
  3. William Heerdt
  4. Matthew Anderson
  5. Jack Jameson
  6. Michael Sutherland
  7. Dave Wilson
  8. Henry Lawrence
  9. Duncan Harle
  10. Charlie Behan
  11. Cammy Rhodes
  12. Jonny Barclay
  13. George Plevan
  14. Cameron Powell
  15. Jon Roper
  16. Bruce Cheung
  17. Yuji Takahashi
  18. Duncan Mullins
  19. Joe Byrne

Squads for 2/3/16

2nd XV vs. University of Edinburgh (Away)

  1. Max Kaufman
  2. Sam Ummat
  3. Malcolm Wood-Downey
  4. Matthew Anderson
  5. Pearse Johnson
  6. Sam McGuire
  7. Dave Wilson
  8. Michael Sutherland
  9. Jacques Sharam
  10. Charlie Behan
  11. Tom Hyams
  12. Kit Betley
  13. Harry Jose
  14. Brodie Hunter
  15. Rory Cairns
  16. Conor Stobo
  17. Jack Jamieson
  18. Jack Patterson
  19. Killian Faith-Kelly

3rd XV vs. Queen Margaret University (Away)

  1. Chris Cartmell
  2. Graham Cook
  3. William Heerdt
  4. Ronan Coyne
  5. Duncan Mullins
  6. Joe Byrne
  7. Cody Dahler
  8. Cammy Rhodes
  9. Yuji Takahashi
  10. Andrew Brady
  11. Harry Bentley
  12. Will Kelly
  13. Jamie Newgreen
  14. Cameron McNeil
  15. Alasdair Howarth
  16. John McGuff
  17. Sean Evans
  18. Gareth Grant