New Long-Term Vision for the Club

In January, the club set out its new vision to become the best student rugby club in the world by 2020 which has captured not only the imagination of our current members but the interest of the wider rugby public.

The vision does not concern itself with being the best performing 1st XV in the world, rather growing the best student rugby club environment possible in order for our club members to enjoy every aspect of club life to the fullest. Our 5 strategic areas of the vision are

1) The rugby programme

2) Our work with the university

3) Our work with the local community

4) International connections

5) Our social activities and events

There is no doubt that this a lofty ambition for the club but we feel there are no excuses as why we cannot achieve it. We have world class facilities, a sustainable infrastructure and significant support from the university so the club simply needs to work hard on continuous improvement in these strategic areas and remember to have as much fun as possible along the way.

More information on our vision can be found here: